The final meeting on Delphi Consensus on SoracteLite™ TPLA for BPH and Pca was held on 26 September 2022

Expert users of EchoLaser for the treatment of BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and for focal therapy of prostatic carcinoma (SoracteLite™ TPLA – Transperineal Laser Ablation) gathered yesterday in Florence to finalize a Delphi Consensus project which was... Leggi tutto

Echolaser and Sutton United

Our UK/IRE distributor Ideal Medical Systems (, advertised EchoLaser for BPH treatment with a dedicated signage at the stadium used by the UK football team Sutton United. This initiative will increase awareness on the newest non surgical alternative... Leggi tutto

SIU – Italian Society of urology

Discover about EchoLaser Soractelite at SIU congress in Riccione! a innovative microinvasive and transperineal treatment for BPH and PCa! Meet us in front of the bar at first floor or meet our expert on 17th October in Giulinai Room: NEW FRONTIERS IN MINIMALLY... Leggi tutto

ModìLite reachs Caltanissetta

ModìLite: one of the EchoLaser applications. The only microinvasive treatment of laser thermoablation of thyroid nodules arrives in Sicily at Sant’Elia.... Leggi tutto


#SoracteLite is the application of Echolaser in #urology field.       With a #transperineal and #microinvasive (21G needle) approach the procedure is carried out without any complication and with the preservation of the ejaculation and urination functionality.      ... Leggi tutto

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