We raised the bar in minimally invasive interventional medicine. EchoLaser is our core product which uses 21G introducer needles and 0.3 mm fibers allowing a painless, outpatient approach for a number of applications which we brag to call “micro-invasive”. Our key therapy areas are urology and endocrinology, where we’re making a difference for many patients worldwide suffering from BPH, Prostate Cancer, Benign Thyroid Nodules, Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Our laser-ultrasound based technology is unique and offers substantial advantages vs all other ablation techniques.


Develop and market high-tech devices to treat soft tissue lesions.

Our products aim to protect the health of patients by offering innovative therapeutic solutions that are as equally efficient as and less invasive than traditional surgical treatments.
One of the key features of our therapeutic approach is the rapid post-treatment recovery for patients, which also ensures huge advantages in economic and socio-health terms.

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