We develop innovative hi-tech therapeutic applications for interventional medicine. Our main product is EchoLaser: the first and unique integrated Laser-Ultrasound system that allows for the diagnosis and micro-invasive treatment of benign and malignant tumours. EchoLaser uses the laser radiation transmitted by independent sources (up to 4) through extremely thin optical fibres (0,3 mm) inserted percutaneously under a proprietary ultrasound guiding system (which includes a planning and simulation software). EchoLaser Thermal Ablation can induce a cytoreduction process on benign lesions (e.g.: BPH, thyroid nodules, etc.) or destroy cancerous tissue of malignant lesions (e.g.: metastatic lymph nodes, liver cancer, low-risk localized prostate and kidney cancer, etc.). No general anesthesia is generally required. Procedures can be performed in an outpatient regimen, with consequent faster recovery after treatment.

We want to play an important role in the new frontier of Precision Medicine, which is more than genomics and bespoke pharmacological treatment, but includes more accurate imaging and non surgical treatments (e.g. ablation).

The core EchoLaser Thermal Ablation treatments are:

ModìLite – neck lesions, such as benign thyroid nodules and metastatic lymph nodes.

SoracteLite – urinary system disorders like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or low-risk localized prostate and kidney cancer. SoracteLite is the first and only laser treatment for BPH performed with a trans-perineal approach (reducing the complications of the traditional trans-urethral approach).

PBLite – treatment of primary and secondary malignant liver tumours through percutaneous insertion of optical fibres.

Elesta is developing other EchoLaser Thermal Ablation applications on soft tissues lesions such as the breast, pancreas and lungs, with the same aim that has driven the company since its foundation: protect the health of patients by providing innovative therapeutic solutions that are equally efficient,but less invasive than other existing mini-invasive treatments and traditional surgical treatments.


Develop and market high-tech devices to treat soft tissue lesions.

Our products aim to protect the health of patients by offering innovative therapeutic solutions that are as equally efficient as and less invasive than traditional surgical treatments.
One of the key features of our therapeutic approach is the rapid post-treatment recovery for patients, which also ensures huge advantages in economic and socio-health terms.

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