Why remove the thyroid gland in order
to eliminate the symptoms of benign nodules?

ModìLite is ECHOLASER Therapy for treating lesions of the neck, in particular, benign thyroid nodules.

The name of the treatment contains in a single word the application area (the neck, “Modì” was the nickname of Tuscan painter, Amedeo Modigliani, who portrayed female subjects with very long, slim necks) and “Lite”, which on one hand refers to the lightweight and micro-invasiveness of the treatment, and on the other, the therapeutic source (Light, therefore Laser).

The name ModìLite allows for differentiating the procedure performed with ECHOLASER (micro-invasiveness and multi-fibre approach in a single system) from the other thermal ablation techniques.


ModìLite is indicated for those who have one or more benign solid thyroid nodules which are large enough to create aesthetic damage or local compression symptoms, or for those who prefer not to undergo surgery. ModìLite is also a safe and effective treatment for subjects who, due to critical medical conditions, are not able to undergo surgery.
Despite focusing on treatment of benign solid thyroid nodules, Modìlite is also effective for malignant neck lesions such as metastatic lymph nodes. With this application, the treatment is radical, obtaining complete ablation of the lesion.



  • Shrinkage of the thyroid nodule volume with consequent gradual and steady relief from symptoms based on Laser Induced CytoReduction (LICR) process;
  • Complete ablation of malignant neck tumours, with a sufficient safety margin

What is it?

Modìlite consists of the percutaneous insertion of optical fibres (1 or 2 depending on the size of the nodule), and the delivery of laser energy for several minutes which causes the heating of the tissues until they are destroyed. Subsequently, the progressive reduction of the volume of the thyroid nodule (reduction of at least > 50% compared to the basal volume at the one-year follow-up) induced by the natural reduction mechanisms of the necrotic tissues of the human body leads to the disappearance of the compressive symptoms and aesthetic damage to the neck. The planning of the treatment, the insertion of the needles and the monitoring are all carried out under ultrasound guidance. In order to facilitate the insertion manoeuvre and plan the best positioning of the needles in the lesion, ECHOLASER exploits:

  • dedicated multi-applicator Guiding Systems for ultrasound probes specifically designed for the anatomical area of the thyroid, with the relative Biopsy Software that displays the guidelines on the screen;
  • Planning Software in the ultrasound unit that allows for choosing among the various treatment possibilities, the most suitable and safest for each specific case, and for controlling the correct positioning of the needles inside the nodule.

A single ModìLite treatment gives rise to a significant and persistent reduction in the volume of the thyroid nodule and improves the local symptoms without any changes to the thyroid function.

1./2. LA332 Esaote probe with dedicated multi-fibre Guiding System
3. Biopsy Software related to multi-fibre Guiding System / 4.Planning Software


  • a reduction in the compressive symptoms and/or aesthetic damage
  • “in situ” thermal destruction with a consequent reduction of the nodule volume
  • preservation of the healthy tissue and the organ function
  • highly predictable and repeatable coagulation volume, as required in the small organs
  • use of fine, a-traumatic needles for the neck structures
  • possibility of treating patients with pace-makers (excellent electromagnetic compatibility)
  • absence of general anaesthesia (thanks to the very fine needles not even local anaesthetic is necessary)
  • short duration of the treatment (few minutes)
  • absence of scars on the neck
  • rapid recovery times
  • life-long hormone replacement therapy not necessary
  • no or insignificant post-treatment pain

For more details about the ModìLite procedure, EchoLaser Therapy on benign thyroid nodules, please visit the website:




Clinical Case no.1

Benign Thyroid Nodule

A patient with a solid isoechoic nodule (volume 20ml) in the right thyroid lobe, underwent EchoLaser Therapy. A patient with a solid isoechoic nodule (volume 20ml) in the right thyroid lobe, underwent Laser Thermotherapy. During the treatment no discomfort was reported by the patient.

CEUS image after the treatment showing the hypoechoic zone of the coagulation area


The ultrasound scan at the two-year follow-up showed a reduction in the nodule volume equal to 70% compared to the basal volume.

US images before the treatment and two-year follow-up showing the reduction of the nodule

Images by courtesy of Dr. Rago (Cisanello Hospital, Pisa)

Clinical Case no.2

Metastatic Lymph nodes in the neck

Patient with metastatic lymph node from papillary thyroid carcinoma has been treated with EchoLaser Therapy with two fibres.

CEUS image showing the high absorption of the contrast of the pathological lymph node

US image showing two fibres inside the lymph node


CEUS image showing the absence of enhancement after the treatment


Images by courtesy of Dr. Giovanni Mauri (IEO Hospital, Milan)



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Videos in the page are commented by the respective health care professionals, expert phisicians in thyroid nodules EchoLaser Therapy.

Professor Bruno Raggiunti
Director of Endocrinology Department, San Liberatore Hospital (Atri) – Italy


Teresa Rago, MD
Assistant Professor of Endocrinology Department, Cisanello Hospital (Pisa) – Italy






Multicentric Randomized Controlled Study of Percutaneous Laser Ablation Versus Follow Up in Benign Thyroid Nodules. Long Term Results

Multicentre Randomized Clinical Trial
No. of patients enrolled: 200
Reference Study Centres: 4, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Pisa – Presidio di Cisanello, Ospedale Regina Apostolorum, Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia, Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova
Study status: Completed
Registered on
Publications of the results: Long-term Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Laser Ablation for Benign Solid Thyroid Nodules. Results of a Three-Year Multicenter Prospective Randomized Trial, Papini E, Rago T, Gambelunghe G, Valcavi R, Bizzarri G, Vitti P, De Feo P, Riganti F, Misischi I, Di Stasio E, Pacella CM. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2014 Oct

Laser Ablation Versus Radiofrequency Ablation for Thyroid Nodules (LARA)

Randomised Clinical Trial
No. of patients enrolled: 60
Reference Study Centre: Ospedale, Santa Maria Goretti, Latina
Study status: enrolment of patient
Registered on


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