What is EchoLaser EVO?

EchoLaser EVO is an innovative and unique system to perform EchoLaser Therapy on soft tissues under real-time US guidance.

EchoLaser EVO, thanks to integrated EchoLaser Smart Interface (ESI) technology, allows the visualization of fiber insertion trajectory through dedicated needle guides mounted on US probes of a variey of ultrasonic systems.

A dedicated simulation software allows the user to plan the treatment and to easily reach and treat tissue even in hard-to-reach anatomical sites.

EchoLaser Smart Interface
Table configuration

EchoLaser X4

EchoLaser Smart Interface
Mobile configuration on stand


1./2./3. Dedicated Multi-Fiber Guiding System with optimized insertion

4. Disposable optical fiber kit (patented)

ESI Planning and Simulation Software *

* patent pending


  • Localized thermal destruction of the lesion through micro-invasive approach
  • No general anesthesia, no hospitalization
  • Planning and real-time monitoring of the treatment
  • Accurate prediction of the needle path
  • Increased physician’s confidence

Functional features

Real-time visual support

The US image provided by the US system to which EchoLaser EVO is paired is replicated in real-time on ESI, allowing the user to control the correct positio- ning of the fibers in the tissue to be treated and providing a visual feedback throughout the treatment.

Pre-treatment planning

ESI allows the physician to choose the safest needles insertion trajectories and, thanks to the planning software, the most suitable among various treatment options (number of fibers and dose of energy to be delivered) for each specific case.

Planning Verification

ESI software allows the physician to verify needle placement in the target tissue

US System coupling

ESI is an active medical device capable of capturing the video image supplied by the relevant peripheral device present on specific selected ultrasound devices, representing graphic patters indicating the trajectory of introducer needles and graphic signs indicating the treatment area/zone on top of the ultrasound image that can be used to improve needle positioning to perform the thermal treatment.

System components

  • EchoLaser unit (2 or 4 channels, depending on the system configuration)
  • EchoLaser Smart Interface (ESI) unit with planning and simulation software
  • Dedicated guiding systems for needle insertion

Available configurations

  • EchoLaser EVO ModìLite – for head & neck applications
  • EchoLaser EVO SoracteLite – for urinary system disorders
  • EchoLaser EVO PBLite – for primary and secondary malignant liver cancers
  • EchoLaser EVO Total – for all Elesta applications

EchoLaser EVO is not yet available for sales in USA – Specifications subject to change without notice

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